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Developers of Macintosh, Windows and Web-Based Software

OTAG Technologies was established in 2001 to develop Macintosh and Windows software, mainly of a sports-oriented nature.

We also provide a range of consultancy and development services to an array of clients. For details of these services, please email us - <stuart@otag.co.uk>

Our products include:

iSMARTtrain More Details

iSMARTtrain is a Mac OS X application for recording training sessions and displaying them in in graphical or tabular form. It can read session data from Polar Heart Rate Monitors and allows you to view your Heart Rate and Speed data as a graph, a table or as a bar graph, showing the distribution of your heart rate in various zones. A Summary of the data can also be displayed, showing laptimes, etc.

HeartCalc More Details (PalmOS, Macintosh, Windows)

Heart Calc is a simple application for PalmOS, Mac OS and Windows for use with a Heart Rate monitor, such as one of the Polar range. It overcomes the problem that most exercise programmes express intensity of exercise as a percentage of maximum heart rate, while most heart rate monitors must be programmed as an absolute number of heart beats per second, based on the user's resting and maximum heart rates. Heart Calc uses the Karvonen method of calculation, based on an effective heart rate 'range' from resting to maximum heart rate

MacPADEdit More Details

MacPadEdit is an editor for PAD Portable Application Description files. These are used to simplfy entering information about applications to Download sites. By simply entering the URL of a PAD file, the site will import all the relevant information from the file. For more details on PAD files and their format, visit the Association of Shareware Professionals website, http://www.asp-shareware.org.

Lactate Scout Client

Currently in late stages of development. This is a Mac-based application to read and display data gathered by SensLab's Lactate Scout device. For further details, contact <stuart@otag.co.uk>.